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Hardened & Tempered Strips of Low, Medium & High alloy carbon steel is Produced with a Unique processing facility. Liqnd metal bath quenching with automatic computerized temperature control system is employed which is different from the conventionally used oil quenching process. The process to produce Bainitic steel strips having unique combination of hardness with ductibility that improves the toughness property. Our Principal using the hardening and tempering furnace line from world leader EBNER - Austria. The strip grinding and polishing line to achieve the desired surface finish are from BREUER - Germany. The edge profiling Machine to provide desired shape to edge of the Hardened & Tempered Strip is from JULIUS - Germany and slitting machine equipped with toolings from NEUENKAMP - Germany is from DAEHYUN - Korea

width 25 mm Min To 550 mm Max
thickness0.20 mm Min To 3.50 mm Max
hardness Custom Tolerance 32 HRC Min To 55 HRC Max
flatnessLess than 0.025 mm of 25 mm (Width of Strip)
Surface FinishBright Ground or Polished Blue, Brown & Grey
EdgesOne or both edges Round, Square, Chamfered& Beveled.
Microstructure Tempered Martensite or Bainite.
ChemistryC-1062, C- 1075, C- 1080, C-1095, 75 NI 8 & 50 Cr v4

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Flat springs fro automobile clutches, Wood working saws, Masonry and Agricultural tools, Gang saws blades, for marble cutting, Doctor blades for paper industries, Leather splitting knives, Drop pins for textile industries, Spiral coil springs and circular saws for bakelite, Tubes and non-ferrous metal cutting etc.

Some grade-wise applications
Grade C-60 (Hardness : 30-32 HRB) Mainly using for producing Gang Saw Blades for Granite Cutting, etc.
Grade C-75 (Hardness : 42-48 HRB)Mainly using for producing Wood Cutting Bank Saws, Hand Saws,, Cross Cut Saws, Pit Saws, Forged Hammer Belts and Gang Saw Blades for Marble Cutting, etc.
Grade C-90 (Hardness : 51-53 HRB)Spring Steel, etc.
Grade 50 Cr V4 (Hardness : 46-48 HRB)Compressor Valve Plates, etc.
Grade 75 Ni8 (Hardness : 46-48 HRB)Leather Bank Knives, etc
Other uses are Paint Strippers, Plastering Trowels, Clutch Plates, Horn Diaphragms, Break Components etc.